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Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup

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Nothing is easier to do than a light vegetable soup. We usually eat it cold.

Now that I'm writing the recipe, I realize that I don't have pictures of all the ingredients, but they can be seen in the final picture ... :)

I quickly cleaned the vegetables and cut them.

I put water in the Zepter bowl, added the vegetables (except the tomatoes), started the fire and covered with the lid.

When the indicator needle entered the green area I stopped the fire and left the vessel covered. Even though some vegetables are cooked faster than others, I once cooked them. The carrot remained slightly crispy and so good in taste ...

After 10 minutes of turning off the heat, I added the tomatoes and covered the bowl again.

Meanwhile, I boiled the rice separately, one serving of rice to three servings of water. I added the rice, I salted it, I sprinkled the chopped greens and the soup is ready!

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