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Italy in a cup ... of coffee

Italy in a cup ... of coffee

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Have you ever missed a place you can't get to for a moment so that you can gather and rediscover the aroma of the place in a food or a drink playing with the ingredients? Well, it happened to me. And I gathered the flavors of Italy, its spirit as I perceive it, in a cup of coffee (symbolic, sic!). In the first days - as few as I stayed - I was struck by the sweet aroma that floated everywhere, then the colors and warmth that finally warmed my bones and delighted my soul. People with their music and openness, with their gift remembering the good Romanians they would have liked to appreciate but didn't have close to them - and one day I found myself tasting a coffee that I made it and it contained in its bunch all the perfume of a country full of color and aromas.

From everything I saw and lived on this "papamond", (Raducule Anton Roman be happy wherever you are), Italy was the most complex experience, the dearest to me. I found myself in her warmth and beauty, in her humor, in her spirit and I never saw her sins, whatever they were, just as this coffee awakens all my senses and makes me want to spread letters in words and words on the virtual paper of the monitor bringing back my happy days under the Italian sun, hidden in the fluffy aroma of Lacrima coffee.

P.S. The picture does not belong to me; I took it from because it looks good with the coffee whose recipe I post here; my camera ran out of battery just when I was about to catch my coffee

15 Italian coffees to try at least once in your life

Italians have a great passion for coffee, and many of the names we find today in cafes come from them. What each of them means and which suits you best, see in the infographic below.

Let's start with the best known: Caffe latte is espresso with hot milk, and cappuccino is a shot of espresso served in a large cup with lots of milk foam.

Caffe Lungo - as the name suggests, is a long coffee. Ristretto, on the other hand, is a very small coffee.

Caffe con Panna is an espresso with sweet cream, Caffe con Zuccero is an espresso with sugar, and Caffe Corretto is a "corrected" coffee with a little liqueur.

What are the differences between caffe macchiato and latte macchiato?
Caffe macchiato is a "stained" espresso with milk foam. Latte macchiato is "stained" milk with espresso, served in a glass.

Caffe Americano is espresso with water, Caffe Fredo is cold coffee, and Caffe Doppio is double espresso.

The Italians also turned coffees into dessert drinks. Affogate is a delicacy made of espresso and ice cream, and Caffe Medici is a double coffee with chocolate syrup and orange peel.

What each coffee looks like, you can see in the infographic below:

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An intense aroma of coffee

The coffee, a wonderful liqueur that awakens our senses every morning, is the pampering that many of us offer ourselves daily, a drop of aromatic pleasure. Regardless of the presentation - coffe beans, ground coffee or instant coffee -its strong aroma stirs your senses and gives you the energy you often lack.

In modern society, the coffee is part of our way of life being consumed as energy drink almost at any time of the day. There is no better opportunity to socialize and relax than to enjoy one hot coffees and aromatic, in a pleasant company.

Depending on the taste of each the coffee can be consumed with Brown sugar, honey, milk, cream, chocolate, cinnamon or a drop of rum. Strength and aroma coffee it depends on coffee assortment used and last but not least by the amount of coffee used for the preparation of the drink. Although connoisseurs, the real coffee makers, recommend consuming coffee in the variant of black coffee, without sugar, to really feel its intense aroma, many appeared coffee recipes, different in terms of preparation, the ingredients used being among the most special: milk, cream, rum, liqueur, cinnamon, chocolate or ice cream. Among the most appreciated types of coffee counts: espresso coffee, latte coffee, latte macchiato coffee, instant coffee, cappuccino, amaretto tea, espresso cream and long coffee.

The intense aroma and the special taste of the coffee were a source of inspiration for the creation of special drinks. liqueur or cocktail and some special waste. Through delicious sweets with coffee, chocolate with coffee occupies a place of honor being highly appreciated. Homemade or purchased, with coffee beans in the composition or filled with coffee cream, chocolate with coffee harmoniously combines the aromas of cocoa and by coffee. The mastery of chocolatiers was put to the test when they created it chocolates filled with liquid coffee or coffee liqueur.

A dessert that highlights the special aroma of coffee is the famous tiramisu this traditional italian dessert, appreciated all over the world, is the perfect expression of the culinary art, of the harmony of the fluffy taste of the cream mascarpone, with the strong aroma of coffee and with finesse champagne biscuits.

Use 15 g of coffee / person. Depending on this weight, it will be filtered according to the number of people.

The coffee is placed in the filter, sprinkled with half a cup of hot water, poured little by little, so the coffee will pass more easily through the filter.

Coffee recipes - The best coffee brewing method - Coffee brewing methods - The best coffee - Simple coffee recipe - Kettle coffee recipe - Coffee recipe

The rest of the boiling water is put in a larger container and allowed to flow on the edge of the filter, to reach above the pressed coffee and to remain above it, filtering slowly.

In about 2 minutes, the entire amount of water will pass through the coffee filter and can be served. During these minutes it is good to mix lightly, to release all the flavors of coffee.

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Kettle coffee or espresso coffee?

When we talk about coffee, we definitely think of a strong, aromatic coffee in which to feel the taste of freshly ground roasted beans. I thought about this title of the post to find maybe an answer to the question I ask myself quite often what coffee I prefer and why? The kettle or the espresso? It would be said that those who prefer kettle coffee are old-fashioned, with certain taboos… espresso coffee is a modern coffee that can be prepared in various forms. Is that so? I think the most important things in getting a good coffee are the type of coffee used and how to prepare it. In vain we have a good coffee if we don't know how to prepare it correctly and here I mean kettle coffee.

I fondly remember my childhood when I went to work with my mother and made coffee in a kettle there. Each kettle had the fixed capacity of a coffee and they were placed on hot sand and then stirred continuously until a thick finger-shaped caimac formed on top. I was fascinated by this operation and the aroma of coffee lingered in my mind for a long time. Of course it was ground there, which means more flavor and freshness.

I learned to make coffee at home, it was my pleasure when I had guests to make coffee. Still on the kettle but on the stove, but I tried to respect what I saw at my mother's work. I put the water together with the coffee on low heat and when it started to turn brown, I turned off the fire and let it sit for a few minutes. Again the smell of coffee that filled the house and enticed you to a story with a dry cake or rather sprite cookies that were in vogue at the time.

Then the thread broke, I woke up at college where I drank coffee at the filter, in my opinion the worst coffee but if you did not know another way of preparation it seems really good.

And the espresso came. I don't remember where I first drank but I do remember where I drank the best espresso coffee. I guess you already know, in her native Italy, one morning when we were getting ready to go on a trip, a short coffee, heavily accompanied by a croissant made our day perfect. And boom, it's still the best coffee I've ever drunk. That made me invest later in a coffee espresso that was quite expensive but worth all the money.

This was my experience with coffee in my youth, not very long because if I declare myself faithful to a certain type, I can hardly change my mind, that's how Transylvanians are :).

When I met Cafe del Sol, I realized that I knew quite a bit about coffee beans, the process of roasting and grinding coffee, so I found out correctly and thought of writing a few lines about each one. type of coffee highlighting the important features so as not to bore you.

The most popular are Arabica coffee and robust coffee, grown mainly in Central and South America, India and Africa. More than three-quarters of the types of coffee produced on the globe are part of the Arabica type, while the rest fall into the Robusta, Liberica or Maragogype categories.

The cultivation of the Arabica variety requires a friendly climate, without too many temperature variations because the grains are more sensitive than the Robusta variety.

The price of Arabica coffee is double that of Robusta coffee due to its superior quality.

So it seems that Arabica is the most suitable coffee to prepare an aromatic and full of flavor coffee.

The kettle preparation is the most suitable for this type of coffee, the people from Cafe del Sol have written on the package the preparation instructions so that if you follow them you get a perfect coffee.

Of course, those who prefer coffee made from kettles enjoy it with a cake and a story.

If we hurry then we talk about espresso coffee. Small, short, concentrated, drink quickly, espresso coffee is perhaps preferred by most of us and because it is the basis of many milk dishes. It largely depends on the machine, for a successful coffee we need a high-performance machine that is not exactly cheap. Ideal are those that grind coffee beans before making coffee, which is much more flavorful.

Like coffee made from kettles, espresso is a real art, a cup of drink obtained by pressing hot coffee under hot water.

It is smaller and more concentrated than coffee made from kettles, so if you are in a hurry and need a quick energizer, espresso coffee is the most suitable.

Based on espresso coffee, you can prepare a multitude of drinks, of which I mention only a few more well-known ones: restretto, macchiato, cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato. I am faithful to the classic one, sweetened with a little sugar.

And yes, it seems that for espresso coffee, Robusta beans are more suitable because they have a stronger taste and make more cream.

I also tested the ground coffee especially for the espresso machine from Cafe del Sol and I can say that I gave it a grade of 10 even with the crown :).

Prepared with a kettle or espresso, coffee is a real delight for the senses, in our morning in the house when it smells of fresh coffee, the day promises to be more beautiful and easier :)

So no matter our preferences in terms of preparation, it is important to find in coffee the taste and aroma that we like.

I wish you as many aromatic coffees as possible :)

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

Around the world in a cup of coffee. How to drink coffee in the world


Millions of people start their day the same way with a cup of coffee. But no matter how similar the drink that wakes us up, each country has its own habits when it comes to how it consumes coffee.

Coffee is one of the most sought after products in the world and even during the crisis its consumption has not fallen sharply. People, regardless of the continent, still appreciate it as a treat they can afford, but each country has its own way of enjoying it.

Probably no one makes better coffee than Italians. Although it does not have coffee tree crops, Italy has gained a reputation as a good coffee country. That's because espresso coffee was born here, a shot of energy that you can find in any place on the peninsula. Whether you enter a large cafe in Rome or Venice or a country restaurant, you are sure to receive the best essence of strong coffee, in small portions.

This is the homeland of coffee, where coffee has been drunk for more than a thousand years. With such a history, it is not surprising that the coffee ritual is a real spectacle. Often the roasting of coffee beans is done right under the eyes of customers. The process can take up to an hour, during which time the host roasts, grinds and boils the coffee.

United States

Americans are often criticized for making coffee a dozen drinks, which you can buy from any jukebox, gas station, or any roadside fast food restaurant. They are, however, as addicted to caffeine liqueur as the rest of the earthlings. Only in the United States you will find it combined with a lot of flavors: caramel, whipped cream, chocolate, egg liqueur or cake flavor. And the image of people in a hurry carrying a cardboard cup covered with a plastic lid that hides an enticing smell of coffee in the first hour has become a symbol for Americans.

The climate and high temperatures made the Turks love tea more than strong coffee, but even they sometimes start their day with a coffee. In Istanbul you will find in menus from espresso and frappe to cappuccino and latte. The real Turkish coffee, served in small cups is, however, harder to find in modern Turkey. It is coffee boiled in a kettle or made in sand, with a thick bark and caimac, most often served sweetened.

Coffee has become a real pastime for the Irish. "Irish coffee" as it is known in the world since 1940 is a coffee-cocktail served in bars around the world. Contains coffee, whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. It is traditionally a drink for after dinner, but it is also perfect on cold mornings because it warms you up instantly. There are also scoundrels who say that such a drink only spoils both coffee and whiskey.

The custom of coffee came to Vietnam with the French in the 1800s, and the locals quickly found local interpretations. Because fresh milk was not available to everyone, as in France, the Vietnamese poured coffee over sweetened condensed milk and served it with a lot of ice.

Italy in a cup ... of coffee - Recipes

Coffee is suitable for the beginning of a day, but the aromatic drink is enjoyed not only for waking up. We like it in various combinations and it has been included in many delicious recipes.

We teach you how to get real delights!

  1. Espresso Sorbet - is the cold version of an espresso. Espresso is kept in a container with ice cubes until it becomes solid.

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

  • 350 ml Espresso
  • 4 sugar cubes
  • 450 ml low fat milk

In a shaker put the frozen espresso and the other ingredients, mix until soft.

  1. Cappuccino- A Cappuccino is a normal (or double) espresso prepared in a cup of Cappuccino and is completed with a milk foam collar.

  • 1 Espresso
  • lots of fresh milk foam

Add the milk foam over the espresso, and finally sprinkle with chocolate powder.

  1. Stained milk - This Italian specialty is prepared from hot milk, milk foam and Espresso in equal parts.

  • 1 Espresso
  • milk
  • milk foam

Put the hot milk in the glass, then the milk foam and the espresso, without mixing, obtaining a layered appearance.

  1. Caffe Latte - Latte or Caffe Latte is an espresso drink made with a lot of skim milk. It is perfect for those who like coffee with milk, for breakfast or for any time of the day.
  • 1 serving of espresso
  • 2 servings or more of skim milk
  • optional aroma

Prepare espresso, optionally, you can add flavoring syrup. Using a teaspoon, retain the foam formed on the surface of the skim milk and pour two-thirds of the amount into the cup of Caffe Latte. Pour the rest of the skimmed milk on top. You can also get drawings by Latte Art methods.

  1. Irish Coffee or Pharisaer - Its appearance is around the nineteenth century, in the North Friesian Islands, but even today it is one of the drinks prepared in bars.

  • Whipped cream or milk foam
  • surrounded by sugar
  • 4cl rum brown
  • Cream Coffee

Put the sugar and rum in a glass, fill it with a hard and hot café crème. Finish with milk foam or whipped cream.

  1. Mozart coffee- this coffee is the creation of Goran Huber, of Austrian origin. Reminiscent of the famous Mozart Balls in Salzburg.

  • chocolate sauce
  • Liqueur Martipan Cream
  • milk foam
  • Espresso

In a glass, slowly pour, in turn, the chocolate sauce and the Martipan liqueur. Add the milk foam and, finally, an espresso. Quantities may vary depending on preferences.

  1. Caffé Zabaione - is a coffee cocktail with a healthy portion of Advocaat (alcoholic beverage containing eggs)

  • chocolate sauce
  • Verpoorten Advocaat
  • milk foam
  • Espresso

Pour the chocolate sauce and Advocaat in a glass slowly, one at a time. Then add the milk foam and, finally, an espresso.

To prepare these specialties you can use quality coffee beans by purchasing from here:

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