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Honey-Glazed Scallops with Tempura Brussels Sprouts and Parsnip Purée

Honey-Glazed Scallops with Tempura Brussels Sprouts and Parsnip Purée

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For the parsnip purée, combine the diced parsnip, crushed garlic, and heavy cream in a medium saucepan over high heat and season with salt to taste. Bring to a boil and cook over moderately high heat until the parsnips are tender, about 15-20 minutes. Drain the parsnips and purée with the butter. Season with salt and pepper to taste and keep warm until ready to plate.

For the tempura batter, combine the rice flour and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Add the egg white and whisk to incorporate, then slowly whisk in the ice water until a wet yet nape consistency is reached. Set aside to rest.

Heat the olive oil in a medium sauté pan over high heat and season each scallop with a pinch of salt and pepper. Sear 4 scallops at a time in the pan until well browned on each side, about 1 minute per side. Do not try to sear more than 4 scallops at time, because overcrowding the pan will prevent them from browning well. Remove the scallops from the pan and set aside.

Pour the honey into the pan and stir. Let it caramelize for 1-2 minutes, and then stir in the lemon juice. Place the scallops back in the pan and turn to coat them with the honey glaze. Remove from heat and set aside.

While you are searing your scallops, heat the oil in a small saucepan until it reaches 340-360 degrees. To check if the oil is at the right temperature for frying, place a drop or 2 of the batter into it. If the batter bubbles to the surface right away, then the oil is hot enough. Place a handful at a time of Brussels sprouts leaves into the batter and stir well to coat, and then fry in the oil until light golden brown, about 10-15 seconds per handful. Drain on a paper towel and set aside.

To plate, place a large spoonful of the parsnip purée in the center of a plate, and then top with 3 or 4 seared scallops around the edge of the parsnip purée. Pour a bit of the honey glaze from the pan over each scallop, and then garnish with the tempura-fried Brussels sprouts in the center.

Honey-Glazed Scallops with Tempura Brussels Sprouts and Parsnip Purée - Recipes

Having experienced great tapas in Spain many times, we were excited to drive from Sacramento to try Teleferic Barcelona for a family lunch birthday celebration. The restaurant is in a prime (expensive I'm sure) location and has a great atmosphere with both open air and closed end seating. Service was excellent. The Hostess, our server and bussing staff were friendly, patient and informative. They were fantastic. We started with house cocktails in which our favorite was the red Sangria. All were beautifully presented. We ordered an array of tapas the were beautifully presented. The shrimp, tacos, and fish were our favorites. Ones the didn't hit the mark for us were the octopus, salmon tartare, and the empanadas. The potato purée was nice, however the small octopus tentacle, however tender, tasted off, perhaps old. The salmon tartare was fresh, but the abundance of cheese in the mix, was overpowering and took away from the delicate dish. The empanadas as well as the veal and chorizo hamburger were perfectly cooked, but quite greasy.
We enjoyed our celebration, but the key takeaways are. the majority of seafood dishes also had a meat product included. Would like to see additional 100 percent seafood options. Although presentation was beautiful, prices were a bit high for tapas, as well cocktails and wine by the glass. Their pixtos are beautiful, however they wait until the end of our meal to roll out the trolley. They should come out earlier as an option with drinks. As you may be too full at the end. Or, as in Spain, you are provided with a complementary small tapas to go with your drink order. That would be a nice touch. All and all, we had an enjoyable experience, and will try them again rather going to SF.

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Be transported when you taste these wonderful and appetizing Tapas. Teleferic is located in Walnut Creek. Take the stairs or elevator to the second floor. Teleferic has s bar/ drinks Area on one side and their restaurant on the other. The place has a wonderful vibe and decor.

We placed our order for 6 dishes which unfortunately cannot remember their names as I did not make the selection. But refer to the pictures of some of the dishes. However the Paella wears great. The small plate of Paella is spicy with lots of sauce, a few clams, a large prawn and 1 shrimp, chicken and a piece of pork Rib. 3 people shared this dish. There's also a larger lobster Paella for meal if you choose. The fried potatoes were to die for great crispy chunks of potatoes in a wonderful sauce.

To my surprise, a push car with an assortment of Tapas made its way around the tables. Similar to a dim sum cart in Chinese restaurants. This made it all the more exciting and appealing with the visual experience.

We ordered what I think was a Sangria with Champagne. This drink was so cool and refreshing I wish I had 2 or 3 but would have had to have some siesta time afterwards.


My family and I had dinner here for my birthday and we had a wonderful experience. Why? The atmosphere was lively the decor is interesting the bar scene was energetic and busy our table was ready upon arrival (even on a very busy Saturday evening) the service was excellent (thanks Lindsey) and the food & cocktails were absolutely delicious. Thinking of all 9 tapas ordered, I would say the only miss was the Duck ravioli. It was a bit too rich for my liking. But my favs were the PATATAS BRAVAS, PAELLA MEDITERRÁNEA and PULPO TELEFÈRIC (grilled octopus). a lot of flavor! A couple of things I found interesting about this restaurant is their ability to appeal to a variety of diners (friends, couples and families) simultaneously. I would also note that the noise volume is very high but this was not an issue for me. In addition, they had a cute little food cart (similar to a dim sum experience) pushed around the restaurant with tasty Spanish style appetizers outside of the menu. I plan to return and it's definitely a place to give a try at least once.

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  • Ariana J.
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • 0 friends
  • 77 reviews
  • 3 photos

We enjoyed the Flamenco show last monday. The flamenco guitarist was impressive. We were disappointed with the paella that we ordered, the paella mediterranea . It was salty and was not as tasty as the other times when we ordered it. It would have been nice if they add more green beans and fish. There were more clams, and as we all know there's hardly any meat in the clams. The shrimp was smaller, and the chicken was smaller. It's just mostly rice. We won't be ordering it, should we decide to drop by again. Otherwise the place is always lively and service is good.

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  • Cece E.
  • Dublin, CA
  • 214 friends
  • 660 reviews
  • 2302 photos

My grandmother's great grandmother on my mom's side was from Barcelona. I've visited a lot of countries in Europe. However in light of my family roots, there is one glaring omission on my passport. I've not yet been to Spain, so for now, this is the closest I'll be to my maternal ancestor.

However, I don't think this is like any food she ever ate. This is the second time I've eaten at Telerific Barcelona, the first time during last year's Restaurant Week. I think having to choose from a limited menu during Restaurant Week contributed to last year's great dining experience as the chef must have put his best items on the RW menu. Sort of like a curated meal to showcase the kitchen's skills and best efforts.

Today, we got to choose from the whole menu. I don't think the dining experience was as successful. We tried to choose items we didn't get the first time around. It may have been an off day. Or since we sat down around 2pm, we may have arrived during the staff's shift change.

The patatas bravas were yummy. They reminded me of steak fries in cube form. They were crispy on the outside and creamy and fluffy inside. This was a nice, safe option for the kids who ate most of it.

The deviled egg was also yummy. However, be aware that the egg yolk mixture was very aggressively flavored with smoked paprika. Also, this was from the pintxos cart so 1 serving was only half an egg.

The chicken empanada presentation was visually stunning but the filling was slightly bitter. The kids didn't care for these. The smoked salmon salad was good. I especially liked the roasted beets.

The Spanish kebab, perfectly cooked, was juicy and tender. Loved the classic hummus smeared on the plate, but didn't taste much mint in the green version piped into rosettes. Again, there was a slightly bitter after taste that the kids didn't care for.

Both adults and kids liked the ping pong ball-shaped croquettes. The crispy exterior was coated in breadcrumbs (Panko?) and deep fried but didn't taste greasy at all. However, I would have preferred a firmer center. The center was too loose and reminded me of the texture of baby food.

It took some coaxing but the kids liked the chicken tacos after the initial arm twisting. I think the hesitancy was due more to the fancy presentation that looked nothing the Mexican street tacos they were more familiar with.

The adults and all but 1 of the kids enjoyed the hanger steak. It was too bloody for the 1 kid but that was our mistake for ordering it medium rare.

The roasted pork belly was just OK. Last year's version for Restaurant Week was more successful. While we appreciated yesterday's larger portion, the larger cuts of meat prevented the fat from rendering out completely.

The paella Mediterranea was a bigger hit than the arroz negro which was too rich and heavy tasting.

The choco passion dessert is geared for the adult palate. It had an intense chocolate flavor but isn't very sweet.

The flan was good but I prefer it with a denser, creamier texture like my grandmother's version. It was divine, a recipe she got from her ggm perhaps? Sadly, the world will never know. Her recipes were lost when she retired when I was about 7, years before I had any interest in food beyond consumption.

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  • Natalie L.
  • Berkeley, CA
  • 4 friends
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I've been wanting to try this place since it opened, and let me just say, it is FANTASTIC!! The ambiance is lively and so beautiful with the rooftop views and brick decor. The service was great- everyone was so friendly and polite, and one guy, I think the manager? came by our table to give us a taste of some Barcelona-style gin drink he'd concocted in a beaker. I was thrown off by the fact he just tipped it into our mouths, but it tasted amazing!

We ended up ordering Croquetas de Jamón Ibérico, Empanadas, Paella Mediterránea , Barcelona Tacos (carnitas) y Sangria Teleféric. This is one of the few places I have been to where every dish hit the spot! I LOVED that the sangria was pleasantly spiced with cinnamon and mint, the glass held a generous amount. While the tapas were amazing in themselves (and great for sharing for 2), my favorite was the paella , hands down. The bits of chicken and shrimp were tender, and the rice was perfectly infused with flavor. I haven't tasted such great Spanish food since visiting Spain.

5/5 for the food, I am definitely coming back on a special occasion!

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  • Jerry P.
  • Oakland, CA
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This is a great spot with excellent food and atmosphere. We were by luck seated at the Chef's counter and were treated to a fun dialogue with the Chef and sous Chef, who took time out from their hectic work to explain the dishes, make recommendations and answer questions.

Some of the awesome small plates included the Grilled Pulpo, Chicken Empanadas, various selections from the Pintxos cart, Paella Mediterranea , and Catalan Ravioli. For Dessert we ordered the Chef's recommended Gran Manzana, which was delicious as well as visually so creative (it looks like an apple). The Chef also gave us a complimentary Creme Brulee which was also perfect.

This spot is terrific and will be on my go to list again next time I am out in Walnut Creek. The tab was also very reasonable (we did not order alcohol though). Wait staff were friendly, orders up promptly and overall a delightful evening.

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  • Elena N.
  • San Francisco, CA
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  • Elite ’21

Had dinner with the family a couple weeks ago in Walnut Creek. Since my brother and parents both live in the East Bay, we went to Teleferic Barcelona. We planned it about a month prior, so it was pretty easy to make a reservation through OpenTable for a party of six on Sunday, August 6th at 5:30pm.

*Croquetas: croquettes with local porcini mushrooms and valdeon cheese ($8)
*Patatas Bravas: crispy potatoes topped with biscayne sauce and aioli ($8)
*Teleferic Flatbread: homemade flatbread with spreadable chorizo, manchego cheese and green sprouts ($12)
*Spanish Kebab: beef skewers with spanish "pimenton" hummus, mint & yogurt sauce ($14)
*Gambas Al Ajillo: garlic prawns sauteed with spanish olive oil and garlic flakes ($15)
*Emapandas: chicken empanadas with hot aioli sauce ($9)
*Pulpo Teleferic: galician grilled octopus with truffle oil, potato and paprika puree ($16)
*La Porca: roasted pork belly with piquillo pepper and eggplant sauce ($12)
*El Tartar: salmom tartar, avocado, lime, jicama and manchego cheese ($14)
*El Corte Iberico: grilled hanger steak with shishito peppers, crispy potatoes and mojo verde ($19)
*Scallops: scallops, sweet yellow corn and lime, served with nori seaweed rice ($14)
*Cataloni: cannelloni of ground veal with mushroom bechamel, manchego crust and corn nuts powder ($16)
* Paella Mediterranea : spanish bomba rice, prawns, clams, calamari, pork, chicken, and valencian sofrito ($15)
*Special Foie: fresh foie gras, caramelized pineapple, molasses and brandy sauce ($16) x2
*Churros Con Chocolate: barcelona street fried dough with valrhona chocolate cream and passion fruit gelatine ($8) x2
*Crema Catalana Clasica: catalan creme brulee ($7)
*Golden Flan: spanish orange custard with heavy cream meringue and vanilla ice cream ($8)
*Catalan: uncle val's, grapefruit, rosemary and flor de pensamiento, served with hand-cut ice ($13)
*In Spanish Fashion: bulleit rye, brandy, sweet vermouth, benedictine, bitter, lemon, served with hand-cut ice ($13) x2
*Coke ($4.50)
*Corkage ($20)

We basically ordered all the tapas and the some of the larger plates. I really wanted to try the tomahawk steak, but unfortunately they were out that day. My mom loves the foie here and it was indeed delicious. Great flavor. And so pretty! I think my favorite dish was the shrimp. I love head on prawns. I adore sucking on them heads! (Pun not intended!) The steak we got was a good substitution for the tomahawk, though I wanted a giant piece of meat! The empanadas were not traditional as they had a wrapper similar to a deep fried wonton. I love fried wontons, so this was fine with me. The paella was a little disappointing. The texture and flavor were fine, but I didn't see any shellfish in the dish. I wanted those clams! The drinks here are amazing! The catalan is gorgeous! I got the in spanish fashion with dry vermouth instead of sweet, which was definitely up my alley.

Nosh Euro Bistro in Plano: The cooking rocks, sometimes

PLANO — Nosh, the northerly sequel to Avner and Celeste Samuel’s 18-month-old Oak Lawn “Euro bistro,” has some wicked good fry cooks.

Their Maine lobster fritters, small, hot, tender morsels wrapped in delicate cloaks of crisply fragile tempura, are sweet enough to fight over. Their frites are some of the best in town. Flash-fried tempuraed Brussels sprout petals — a recent blackboard special — are spectacular.

When the Samuels opened the original Nosh, they gave Oak Lawn a lovely gift — a casual spot where you could pop in for a terrific, quick bite, or something a little more involved. With original, well-prepared dishes and an appealingly stylish and casual dining room, it was an instant hit.

The Oak Lawn vibe so informs the original that it was a little hard to imagine, when the couple announced they’d be opening a second Nosh in Plano, how it would translate in the ’burb.

So how does it translate? Pass the fritters!

The restaurant, larger and more spacious than its Oak Lawn sister, has a vibrant, warm, contemporary bistro feel, with glossy wood tables and Riedel wine glasses. While Oak Lawn has a few seats at a tiny chef’s counter, the new spot has rows of seats stretching around three sides of a large, open kitchen. Anyone snagging a perch can watch the goings-on on the hot line, but so can everyone in the dining room, thanks to a huge video screen. The chef yelling at a line cook? That’s Jon Stevens, Avner Samuel’s co-chef at the original spot when it opened. He’s in charge here, as chef-partner.

Matt Bayat, an affable young Iranian-born gent who has lived all over the world, runs the dining room, which gives onto an ample bar area with a large, bistro-height communal table. A wine room beyond that adds to the sense of spaciousness.

Before committing to anything on the menu (same as Oak Lawn’s they’d look nicer if they weren’t plastified), be sure to check the blackboard, lest you miss something like those tempuraed Brussels sprouts. Or a sophisticated take on white-bean soup. Not a purée, Stevens’ version is a rich broth studded with cannellini, mirepoix and bits of pancetta, and laced with strips of Lacinato kale simmered to tenderness. Four plump green Bar Harbor mussels luxuriate therein. With a glass of red wine and slices of crusty Empire baguette, it makes a perfect lunch.

Happily, the specials tend to reappear, and should you spot “paella” risotto on the board, snag it. Made with saffrony Arborio rice, it’s not at all a paella, but more like a risotto zipped up with things you might find in a paella — beautiful seafood (pillowy sea scallops and chunks of perfectly cooked halibut, rock shrimp, mussels), plus duck confit, bits of sausage and kale and a swirl of chermoula.

On the regular menu, a grilled hearts-of-romaine salad makes a fine starter, the lettuce grilled just enough to give it a melting texture and topped with sweet Jonah crabmeat and the right amount of roasted shallot dressing, with charred cherry tomatoes strewn here and there. Love that.

There’s a respectable French onion soup, too, along with a lobster bisque that was a just-miss, tasting of something burned.

But the “foie gras pâté” would get laughed out of any Paris bistro. With a mousselike texture and a dark reddish, very un-foie-like color, it tastes more like liverwurst than foie.

More often than not, Nosh’s dishes are fine, but nothing special. That goes for most of the main courses I sampled — a mixed-grill special grilled quail served over a cauliflower-bacon mash grilled beef tenderloin medallions with green peppercorn butter lamb shank braised not quite long enough. Pan-roasted chicken had wowed me at the original Nosh, crisp-skinned, juicy and resplendent on a buttery potato purée and dressed up with a good sauce. Expecting something similar, I was let down to find myself facing a decent, though plain, poulet frites with skin that could be crisper. Ah, well.

Meanwhile, a monumental burger with a thick, beautifully cooked half-pound Wagyu patty on an Empire sesame bun with melted cheddar and classic accouterments had all the elements of a great burger — the meat itself was superb — but it was so tall and loaded, it was impossible to eat.

A couple of dishes were ruined by their sauces. Pan-roasted halibut swam in an unfortunate salty mess that reminded me of the fiery tomato sauce in which canned chipotles float. Not even the olives and chorizo involved, let alone the delicate fish, could stand up to that sauce’s briny heat. And duck confit — with a nice crisp skin, but not confitted all the way through — was plopped atop a weird, sweet sauce with lots of dried black currants and paired with a sauté of inedibly oily and salty root vegetables.

Also inedibly oily and salty was a side dish of artichoke, fennel and cured tomato garlic roasted broccolini wasn’t much better. If you’re looking for something green, garlic spinach is the way to go. Important to know, as the servers — who range from eager and attentive but inexperienced to extremely professional — tend to push the sides.

Unfortunately, Nosh’s wine list isn’t what you’d hope for in a Euro bistro. The one-page list is California-centric and quite pricey, with woefully few reds of interest under $50. Safest bet is a 2009 Louis Jadot Moulin-à-Vent, a light, friendly red from one of the Beaujolais villages — but $42 is a lot to pay for what’s basically a picnic wine. The fact that it’s listed under “interesting reds” speaks volumes about the list. At least it’s served at the proper temperature and in those swell Riedel glasses.

The desserts, such as a plopped- together tarte Tatin or a butterscotch pot de crème with grainy texture, aren’t nearly as good as those I sampled at the original Nosh when I reviewed it. A chocolate tart with a terrific bittersweet chocolate crust would have been better without the drizzle of olive oil and candied pistachios — oily and salty strikes again. The desserts change frequently, though, and you might find a decent bread pudding or a delightfully silly s’mores bombe with s’mores ice cream.

In any case, the already lively spot is a welcome addition to a neighborhood that’s clearly hungry for something with panache.

Nosh Euro Bistro (3 stars)

Price: $$ (appetizers, soups and salads $5 to $11, sandwiches $11 to $14, main courses $15 to $25, desserts $6 to $8)

Service: Attentive and enthusiastic

Ambience: A vibrant, modern bistro with a large open kitchen that offers seating on three sides. A spacious bar area has a big communal table.

Location: 4701 W. Park Blvd., near Ohio Drive, Plano 972-612-3200

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 10:30 p.m., Sunday (brunch and dinner) 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Credit cards: AE, MC, V

Wheelchair accessible: There are two steps leading up to the restaurant, so use the ramp in front of Rockfish Seafood Grill.

Smoking area: None

Alcohol: Full bar. A pricey one-page wine list is California- rather than Euro-centric, with few interesting reds under $50.

Our Weekend at the AC Hotel in Madison Wisconsin

About two weeks ago, my husband and I had a great pleasure of visiting and staying at the new AC Hotel in Madison. It was the grand opening weekend and everything was done in style. From the moment we walked into the beautiful and modern hotel, with the front desk to the left and the AC Lounge on the right, we knew this hotel stay was going to be fabulous.

There was a lot of anticipation (and high expectations) waiting for this new hotel to open and I think the new AC Hotel delivered across the board. The lobby area and AC Lounge are stunning with large wall to wall windows so you get the most beautiful views of downtown and the Wisconsin State Capitol.

It’s the perfect blend of classic style and modern comfort. Born in Spain and perfected in Europe’s most sophisticated cities, the AC Hotel concept is elegant in its simplicity, providing absolutely everything that busy guests need for a comfortable and relaxing visit.

Before going up to the restaurant, I wanted to put my bags down and check out my guest room. The modern European guest rooms are sleek, clean and modern. I loved the minimalist style and decor. Everything in the room was perfect!

The AC Hotel in Madison has two bar/lounge areas. One on the main lobby floor and one on the 10th floor, the Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro.

We dined at Eno Vino the first night and enjoyed a delicious dinner of gnocchi, sea bass and scallops, chicken lollipops, truffled fries, sweet potato tempura, brussels sprouts, an amazing pork belly BLT and more! I feel like we literally tasted everything on the menu. It was beyond delicious!

The best thing about the 10th floor, in addition to the excellent food and cocktails, was the view! My photo does not do the view justice. The view at dinner was absolutely stunning.

The next morning, I ventured over to the AC Kitchen, where they had croissants, artisan cured meats, sweet & savory egg tarts and Nespresso Coffee. I loved the breakfast set-up and I loved that I could just walk over whenever I wanted to eat and everything was there waiting for me. And the staff was friendly, helpful and so courteous! Both mornings, they made sure I had my soy milk for my Nespresso Coffee and made sure I had everything I needed.

The AC Hotel Madison exceeded all of my expectations! Whenever we have friends or other out of town guests coming for a visit, I am absolutely recommending this hotel. It’s also in the best location ever. Right in the heart of downtown.

If you’re ever in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you need to swing by and take a look for yourself and stop into the AC Lounge for a drink. While we were there, we had the best Gin & Tonic ever! It was so good, I bought all of the ingredients and made it again the following week.

Cheers to the AC Hotel Madison for a brilliantly beautiful and stunning grand opening event, party and hotel! We will definitely be back again and because I loved my stay so much, AC Hotels will be the first hotels I look into when we travel to different cities!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

5. Kayo’s Ramen Bar

Photo Credit: Kayo’s Ramen Bar should be called Kayo’s artisanal ramen bar, because everything they do, has extra effort put into it. Their broths are either clear and light or thick and cloudy, and they are all made in house by simmering vegetables, chicken and beef bones. You can select a sauce for your broth from 17 kinds, which are all made fresh daily at the restaurant. Kayo’s Ramen Bar has dedicated over 3 months and 47 tries to perfect their noodles using high protein, pesticide-free Canadian wheat flour. The result is a clean and umami packed ramen dish. Bonus: They offer low and no carb noodles, too…

Photo Credit:

What to order:

Tantan ramen is one of their more popular ramen dishes along with soy sauce ramen with its spicy ground pork topping. For something unique, try wasabi smoked salmon ramen!

Restaurant Info of Kayo’s Ramen Bar:

Dining Scene: the latest in South Florida food

What's happening in food and dining around South Florida.

Bistro Bon Marché

3111 N. Surf Road, Hollywood, 954-842-2389,

A French fusion restaurant using mostly organic ingredients has dramatically renovated the former Oceans Eleven overlooking the boardwalk and the beach.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily inside amid sleek white leather sofas and chairs in a light and airy room framed by large windows or on the wraparound patio, where torches at night beckon. They also soon offer yoga classes

"The response is amazing. We're going to have to start taking reservations soon," owner Marco Proulx said in a press release. The yoga enthusiast moved from Montreal two years ago, hence the French-speaking staff.

Start your day with orange French toast ($10), sweet or savory crepes ($9), smoothies ($9) or mimosas ($8). Signature appetizers for lunch and dinner are conch salad ($11) and escargot ($12). For lunch, go sinful with poutine made with hand-cut fries, demi-glace and cheese curds ($11 add lobster for $5 more) or healthy with a salad of candied pecans, Gruyere, apple and whole-grain truffle vinaigrette ($11). Dinner favorites are almond-crusted salmon with Canadian maple caramelized glaze and pan-seared duck breast with wild-mushroom risotto, asparagus and port-wine demi (both $24).

"People can't believe the food that comes out of that kitchen," Proulx said.

Yoga classes are expected to begin in February, pending construction.

301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, 561-922-6699,

This enchanting Italian eye-pleaser in the iPic Theater in Mizner Park has introduced a happy hour and made its patio even more enticing by installing fire pits, open-flame heaters and dangling lanterns.

"We are dedicated to providing local executives and people looking to socialize and relax with friends in a unique environment to enhance their weekday evenings," says Hamid Hashemi, president and CEO of iPic Entertainment.

Happy hour at the bar, lounge and south patio — 4-7 p.m. weekdays — include $4 draft beer and $5 made-from-scratch cocktails enhanced with herbs from the patio garden and food specials, all of which will change seasonally.

Current cocktails are a lemon-drop martini and must-try planter's punch. Bar bites are caprese panini and meatball platter for $7, as well as tempura Brussels sprouts and pan-seared calamari for $9.

Latest additions to the regular lunch menu are seared ahi tuna salad ($16) and three sandwiches: Cajun-marinated grilled rib eye ($17), lemon-marinated chicken and prosciutto with avocado and caramelized shallots ($13) and beef dip topped with melted Gruyere ($14).

Dinner updates are wedge salad with crispy pancetta ($6) and linguine with clams and mussels ($24).

Patio Delray

800 Palm Trail, Delray Beach, 561-279-0880,

This secluded, season-centric restaurant is featuring a collection of dishes through March.

The appetizers are ahi tuna and avocado tartare with ginger scallion garlic aioli and ponzu sauce ($12), Florida blue crab cake with Creole remoulade ($14), fresh mozzarella caprese with walnut-basil pesto ($12) and iceberg wedge with gorgonzola dressing and crispy prosciutto ($8). The entrees are flamed-grilled, bone-in, 14-ounce, double-cut pork chop with cauliflower mash, butternut-squash puree, candied ginger, poached pear and port wine reduction, and garam masala-rubbed ahi tuna with curried mango chutney raita and Asian slaw (both $28).

"It is written by the Japanese that we eat first with our eyes," says owner and manager Lily Buchheit. "The tuna entree provides that love at first sight with its burst of colors exciting the diner's palate, inviting them to jump in and taste."

Barton G. The Restaurant

1427 West Ave., Miami Beach, 305-672-8881,

Don't worry. The signature lobster pop tarts served in a toaster oven are still here, albeit with less cream and cheese for a lighter effect.

But this legend famous for its theatrical food presentations has revamped about 85 percent of its menu, the largest overhaul in its 10-year history. And it has opened Up Top — upstairs seating, including a lush balcony, in addition to the downstairs dining room and romantic tropical courtyard.

Kizuna Sushi & Ramen

Steamed buns. Thick cut chashu, cucumber, scallion, mayo and black pepper.

California Roll

Salmon and Avocado Roll

Yellowtail and Scallions Roll

Negi hamachi. Cut into 6 pieces.

Rainbow Roll

Salmon, tuna, escolar, and shrimp draped over a california roll.

Lunch Specials

Sushi Ki

5 pc nigiri plus california roll

Sushi Zu

7 pc nigiri plus choice of california roll or spicy tuna roll

Sushi Na

6 pc sashimi plus 3 pc nigiri plus choice of california roll or spicy tuna roll

Vegetable Roll Trio

1 avocado roll plus 1 cucumber roll plus 1 asparagus roll

Double Roll

Choose 2 rolls, with choice of miso soup or house frisee salad or get both for additional charge.

Lunch Vegetable Tempura (Box 1)

Assorted vegetable tempura with miso soup, rice, house salad with house ginger dressing, and three pieces of California roll.

Lunch Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura (Box 2)

Shrimp and vegetable tempura with miso soup, rice, house salad with house ginger dressing, and three pieces of California roll.

Lunch Chicken Teriyaki (Box 3)

Chicken teriyaki with miso soup, rice, house salad with house ginger dressing, and three pieces of California roll.

Lunch Salmon Teriyaki (Box 4)

Salmon teriyaki with miso soup, rice, house salad with house ginger dressing, and three pieces of California roll.

Lunch Chicken Katsu (Box 5)

Chicken breast katsu with miso soup, rice, house salad with house ginger dressing, and three pieces of California roll.

Lunch Japanese Vegetable Curry

Vegetable curry over rice and garnished with beni shoga. Served in a nabe pot.

Lunch Chicken Curry

Chicken curry over rice and garnished with beni shoga. Served in a nabe pot.

Triple Roll

Choose 3 rolls, with choice of miso soup or house frisee salad or get both for additional charge.

Hot Appetizers

6 Jumbo Korean Krispy Chicken Wings

Light crispy batter and ginger garlic soy glaze.

Tempura Brussels Sprouts

Served with choice of sauce.

Chicken Kara Age

Marinated hand carved chicken thighs, dusted and fried.

Age Dashi Tofu

Creamy tender tofu fried and served in savory soy dashi with grated daikon, bonito ribbons and scallions.

Smothered Tater Tots

Ore-Ida tots, laced with our 10 ingredient spicy mayo, topped with crisped pork chashu and scallions. Spicy.

4 Pan-Fried Kaiju XL Gyoza

Ground pork, garlic, Asian chives, cabbage, ginger and garlic.


Diced octopus in a batter hush puppie.

Pork Belly Baos

Steamed buns. Thick cut chashu, cucumber, scallion, mayo and black pepper.

Shishamo (Whole Grilled Smelt)

Vegetable Tempura Appetizer

Served with smoky, savory tempura sauce.

Shrimp And Vegetable Tempura Appetizer

Served with smoky, savory tempura sauce.

Tempura String Beans

Served with spicy mayo or smoky, savory tempura sauce.

(4) Shrimp Tempura Appetizer

Served with smoky, savory tempura sauce.

Miso Soup

House dashi, tofu, waskame seaweed and scallions.


Thinly sliced steak wrapped around asparagus and scallions, grilled and glazed w/housemade teriyaki sauce.

Chill Appetizers

Sashimi Appetizer

Ahi Tuna Poke Bites

Chopped ahi, seaweed salad, ginger, sesame, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and scallions. Spicy.

Spicy Tuna Crystal Rolls

Chopped ahi, shrimp, scallions, shiso, spicy sauce wrapped with leafy lettuces in a Viet style rice flour wrap. Spicy.

Jumbo Crab Stack

Super lump crab, fresh mango, avocado, soy mustard dressing and chive puree.


Slices of steamed monkfish liver pate, topped with ponzu & momoji oroshi (chili-infused grated daikon).


Seaweed Salad

Kuro Edamame

Special black edamame. Marked with swaths of black and brown, this highly prized soybean features a robust roasted flavor.

Cucumber Spiral Salad

Cucumber spirals, seaweed salad, and dried bonito ribbons, finished with house ponzu.

Grilled Salmon Salad

Entree salad. Cucumber, beets, radish, nuts, cheese, herb cream, fennel and vinaigrette. With rice.

Garlic Edamame

Our signature black edamame, sauteed with garlic butter and splash of sake

Spicy Edamame

Our signature black edamame, sauteed with garlic butter with a dollop of our flavor amp/spice bomb made from thai finger chilis


Kizuna Ramen

Our tonkotsu ramen with a third piece of delicate chashu and 1/2 hanjuku lava egg. Includes charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Pork stock and house pork chashu flavor base. Includes 2 pieces of pork belly chashu, charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Miso Ramen

Pork stock and 3 miso blend flavor base. Includes 2 pieces of pork belly chashu, charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Pork Shoyu Ramen

Chicken stock and house pork chashu flavor base and standard pork chashu slices. Includes 2 pieces of pork belly chashu, charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Pork Shio Ramen

Chicken stock, vegetable ginger garlic flavor base and standard pork chashu slices. Includes 2 pieces of pork belly chashu, charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Chicken Shio Ramen

Chicken stock, vegetable ginger garlic flavor base and fresh grilled chicken breast. Includes grilled chicken, charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Chicken Shoyu Ramen

Chicken stock and house pork chashu flavor base with fresh grilled chicken breast. Includes charred garlic oil, menma, bean sprouts, beni shoga, chopped scallions, and nori.

Toro Chashu Ramen

Chicken stock and house pork chashu flavor base. Chashu covers all the noodles and topped with benishoga, scallion, and bean sprouts. Include five pieces of pork belly chashu, charred garlic oil, bean sprouts, beni shoga and chopped scallions.

Vegetable Shio Ramen

Chicken stock, vegetable ginger garlic flavor base and ramen, topped with spinach, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, corn, kikurage mushrooms, tofu, menma (bamboo shoots), bean sprouts, beni shoga, scallions, and nori.

Vegetable Shoyu Ramen

Chicken stock and house pork chashu flavor base and ramen, topped with spinach, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, corn, kikurage mushrooms, tofu, menma (bamboo shoots), bean sprouts, beni shoga, scallions, and nori.

Vegan Ramen and Tempura Brussel Sprouts Stand Out at Tajima Ramen in San Diego

I will be the first to tell you that I have never been much of a ramen person. Even as a poor college student I would opt to survive off snacks instead of those packaged noodles.

When legit ramen bowls emerged as a trending soup in the US about 5 years ago, I had zero interest in ever really trying it. Then one day, my friends dragged me. I actually tasted proper ramen, and I was changed. I became a pretty big fan, which is why I was so excited to try Tajima Ramen down here in San Diego! I opted to visit the Hillcrest location as it is closest to home, and was pleasantly surprised by its small size but high energy. Even on a Tuesday night there was quite a crowd, though we were still seated quickly and experienced great service all night, and a highlight for me was the tunes they had playing that kept the vibe super cool.

Tajima Ramen
3739 6th Ave, Ste B, San Diego, CA 92103

We started with the Tempura Brussel Sprouts, which became a favorite of mine. These had a perfectly crispy coating and were served with ponzu sauce that was seriously delicious. Another favorite appetizer is Garlic Edamame, something that I pretty much eat any time it’s on the menu, and this iteration was perfect, I loved how the garlic coating was almost like a sauce and they came out piping hot!

For the main event, I opted to go with their Vegan Ramen, as I’ve been transitioning to a mostly plant based diet and wanted to give this a try, and added fried garlic, because duh. This ramen starts with a soy vegetable based soup with mixed vegetables, baby spinach, corn, kaiware, cherry tomatoes, deep fried tofu, and sesame seeds, is topped with black garlic oil, and served with spinach noodles. I loved the flavor of the broth, and although tofu isn’t my favorite thing, I did enjoy the addition of the crunch of the fried tofu, just eat it quickly so the breading stays crispy! I really loved the spinach noodles with this ramen, they were light and had a great taste and texture! My friend that joined me ordered the Tajima Ramen with original tonkotsu soup, 1/2 ramen egg, green onions, pork chasu, sesame seeds, and japanese seaweed, and decided on thin noodles. While I didn’t taste this one, because pork, he seemed to seriously enjoy it!

After our meal we were asked if we wanted to try anything else, and while we were both so stuffed, we asked if there was anything they would recommend and were brought Takoyaki, octopus fritters topped with brown sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed. While these were definitely something new and different, I don’t think I was a big enough octopus fan for them and I’m a little bit weird about texture, but I definitely loved trying them and would for sure recommend if octopus is your jam!

Tajima is a perfect trendy little ramen spot tucked right into the edge of Hillcrest and is definitely perfect for this chillier weather we’ve been experiencing in San Diego! While you’ll enjoy everything you eat here, definitely don’t miss the tempura Brussels sprouts!

Thank you to Alternative Strategies for setting up this tasting at Tajima Ramen

Porter Peach and Basil Moscow Mule

This post was sponsored by Cost Plus World Market, but the opinions reflected here are my own. I do not promote items that I would not use or trust on a regular basis.

Here’s a local twist on a summer favorite: the Peach and Basil Moscow Mule, made complete with Porter peaches, homegrown basil and a ginger beer with a kick!

Y’all, you might have heard me talk about it over on Facebook, but Oklahoma got a Cost Plus World Market! And they picked TULSA as the first location. I was over the moon when I heard! I’ve got a lot of fond memories of standing in the international food section in the one in Denver, poring over options from all around the world. Of course, they also have some amazing home decor, furniture and kitchenware also. I could hardly wait for it to open when I found out that they chose me to work together!

I was invited to see the place the day before the “official” grand opening to take a peek and get my shopping on. I found tons of new blog props (so be on the lookout for all the new stuff in future recipes! Here’s a small sampling of what I ended up with:

The first thing I saw when I walked back to the food section was a huge corner of bright orange Bundaberg ginger beer packaging. Justin loves ginger beer, so I thought it would be a perfect treat for him since he was coming home last weekend. Someone told me it was “very gingery.” That’s perfect. But then these copper mugs caught my eye…and then it all came together in a flash before my eyes! Moscow mules were begging to make an appearance here on the blog. Then, we spent the morning in Porter, Oklahoma for the annual Porter Peach Festival, and the recipe practically wrote itself.

Traditionally, you use vodka in a Moscow mule, but last year we fell in love with this Scottish gin that is now making the rounds in the US called Caorunn. It is on the sweet side and pairs good with a fruit. However, the ginger beer is pretty strong, so whatever liquor you like will probably suit the drink just fine. I used this handy mortar and pestle (probably not its intended use) to muddle together my peaches into a chunky puree. You may have a better idea…I’ll leave that choice up to you.

Cost Plus World Market Spotlight: Placemat, mugs, ginger beer and mortar and pestle pictured are all from my shopping spree I went on! Find those items and TONS more here!

Local Spotlight: Basil from my own, exploding basil plant (I whacked it back a lot this past weekend), and PEACHES of course, from Porter.

It seemed just like destiny that all of these elements have come together to form such an ideal summer drink! What do you think? Get to a Cost Plus World Market today (or better yet, our new one here in Tulsa!) #WorldMarketOK

Watch the video: Scallops with Parsnip Puree (July 2022).


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