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  • Gazpacho

    25 min

    Gluten-Free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

    California version of the classic Spanish gazpacho! Chilled soup made with ripe fresh tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, celery, and onions.

  • Elise Bauer

    White Gazpacho

    20 min

    Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Cool, refreshing, and filling, this classic Spanish white gazpacho is made with bread, almonds, cucumbers, grapes, olive oil, and garlic.

  • Sally Vargas

    Gazpacho with Avocado and Corn

    2 hrs, 15 min

    Dairy-Free, Healthy, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Gazpacho is meant for hot summer nights when turing on the stove is a chore. Add avocado and corn for a more complete meal! Gazpacho needs to be made ahead and chilled, but that also means you have lunch or dinner right in the fridge, ready whenever you are.

  • Elise Bauer

    Watermelon Gazpacho

    1 hr, 30 min

    Gluten-Free, Healthy, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Summery watermelon gazpacho, a cold soup with watermelon, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers.

  • Watch the video: Alton Brown Makes 5-Star Gazpacho. Food Network (July 2022).


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