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Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane at FIX Restaurant & Bar Inside Bellagio Las Vegas

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane at FIX Restaurant & Bar Inside Bellagio Las Vegas

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I recently went to Las Vegas for a girl’s weekend getaway. And upon return, friends kept asking what the best part of the trip was. I’m a little embarrassed to say that it was the food, only because we had amazing accommodations, enjoyed our fair share of poolside libations and ended our nights dancing in the city’s best clubs. Yet, those things will always be a part of the Vegas experience.

So on this trip, we put all our chips on the food we tried, especially dinner at FIX Restaurant & Bar inside Bellagio Las Vegas. To start, the restaurant has really great mood lighting that is both romantic and sexy (while still feeling classy). Round tables and booths fill up the 4,200-square-foot dining area that is constructed almost entirely of Costa Rican Padouk wood.

FIX is all about innovative American cuisine that is meant to be shared; and is done all under the direction of Executive Chef Brian Massie. As Corporate Chef for The Light Group, Massie not only oversees this restaurant but also Red Square and Citizens Kitchen & Bar at Mandalay Bay, Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo and STACK Restaurant & Bar at The Mirage. His menu focuses on approachable American fare using top-quality poultry, meats and fish.

What this translates to for his guests is mouth-wateringly appetizing dishes that leave you searching for more stomach room in order to try even more. From the first bite of the Wood Grilled Bruschetta with Greek yogurt balls, citrus and black berry jam, we already knew the evening was going to be memorable. Also a favorite among the starter plates was the Duck Prosciutto Flat Bread with fromage blanc, onions, pecorino cheese and rocket greens. This dish is light yet satisfying and comes presented on a wooden slab that matches the décor.

Those two dishes alone could most likely fill up a single person, yet since it’s all about sharing here, we trudged on with Crispy Truffle Ricotta Bites, Duck & Waffles and a 10-ounce filet mignon (...when in Vegas). There is something so comforting about Massie’s dishes. He effortlessly takes you back to your happy-go-lucky childhood days while keeping flavors and ingredients up to par with your adult tastes. If you get only one dish, go for the duck and waffles confit with fried egg and maple bourbon syrup. The duck is incredibly succulent and the combination of the crispy waffle and warm maple syrup will have you realizing that breakfast really is the best meal of the day.

Throughout the meal, the service was on point, our water glasses remained full and, when we needed suggestions, the server was eager to offer up recommendations based on our tastes. Along with their classic fare, the restaurant also includes a notable cocktail menu. Guests can find drinks like the Elderflower Gimlet made with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, St. Germain, lime juice, Thai basil and simple syrup; or Raging Berries, a refreshing beverage with Veev Acai Spirit, Stoli Blueberi vodka, blackberry purée, lemon, simple syrup, and blueberry Red Bull.

As any good meal should do, it ended with two different desserts. Speared across a mini platform which rum raisin and apple anglaise sauces on either side, the Apple Pie Doughnuts tied the whole meal together; each bite better than the last. As a side note, the rum sauce is fairly strong, so if you don’t love the sweet liquor you may want to choose another option. Those who grew up going camping should consider the Chocolate S’mores with flourless chocolate cake, graham crunch, milk chocolate pudding and burnt fluff to really finalize this jaunt down memory lane.

If you make the trip to Vegas and check out FIX, don’t be surprised if you see Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara, Sophia Bush, or Owen and Luke Wilson dining in the next booth over; these Hollywood celebs are already fans. And it’s no surprise why.

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